Versatile by design – Wienerberger launches SVK Fibre Cement Façades

Published in Case Studies on: Mon, Feb 11, 2019 9:46 AM

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SVK Fibre Cement Facade is a new cladding range from Wienerberger, one of the world’s largest providers of solutions for the whole building envelope.

The product has a proven track record across Europe, with successful and durable installations across public, residential and industrial projects of all scales and challenges.

This partnership between Wienerberger, who offer the UK’s largest range of bricks alongside a range of wall and facade solutions, and SVK, a Belgian manufacturer whose family business has produced precision engineered fibre cement products for decades.

This choice of cladding material brings with it many technical and performance related benefits, making fibre cement the perfect option for everything from high rise to small scale projects. It’s a material with an established reputation for quality, making for a lightweight but strong and durable panel that is easy to install. SVK Fibre Cement Facade products can be installed onto a wide range of substrates using a variety of fixings, from invisible mechanical options to nails, rivets or glue.

As for performance, SVK Fibre Cement Facade ticks every box required from a high quality cladding or wall covering solution, especially for large or high rise projects. SVK and Wienerberger guarantee excellent fire, weather and impact resistance. Cracking, shrinking or warping are not an issue, and the fibre cement panels are naturally resistant to mould, rot and bacteria. What’s more, the cladding solution is low maintenance, requiring just water or simple detergent to clean.

The range covers everything from vibrant Colormat panels to natural and neutral Puro or Decoboard, with an array of shades and finishes available to complement any architectural design. Endless combinations of colour and texture can be used to achieve any design or style specified, all without sacrificing performance. From neutral and natural tones, to bright combinations of contemporary colour, it’s a cladding solution that moves beyond the limitations of other wall coverings.

The facade solution comprises fibre cement panels which can be cut on site, or made to measure to limit manpower, wastage and storage footprint. SVK Fibre Cement Facade’s adaptable construction allows for flexibility of style and form, achieving new and nuanced shapes and angles.

The fibre cement covering can sit alone, making for a striking high rise or residential covering, or alongside the traditional materials like brick that Wienerberger are renowned for, providing a solution for renovation projects or contemporary mixed material designs. With technical and aesthetic performance combined, SVK Fibre Cement Facade is a cladding solution precision engineered to meet the needs of the modern construction industry.


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