Waterloo and installation partners bring fresh air to luxury apartments

Published in Technical Specification on: Mon, Jul 2, 2018 4:06 PM

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To help residents lead a life of luxury, air terminal devices from expert manufacturers Waterloo Air Products PLC have been fitted throughout Chelsea Island apartments to create a deluxe living environment.


Situated in the heart of one of London’s most sought-after areas, Chelsea Island is a retail and residential development made up of 89 luxury apartments, all fitted out with modern decors that create spacious living quarters.


Sitting close to Chelsea Harbour and the banks of the River Thames, the new block of apartments adds to the ever-changing landscape of the London skyline.



Each of the apartments’ living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, are fitted with Waterloo’s air terminal devices. They include Linear Slot Diffusers and Perforated Face Circular Diffusers. The communal hallways also have Waterloo’s air terminal devices in the ceilings, to make sure the air flow enhances the feel of luxury throughout the entire building.


“As with any apartment complex like this, every part of the interior has to be right to create the look and feel needed, this includes the air flow.” says Stuart Bremner, Senior Contract Manager at Ark M&E, who installed Waterloo’s products throughout Chelsea Island.


“The apartments have been designed to fit in with Chelsea’s vibrant and high standard of living, so everything throughout the building needed to fit in with the architect’s vision.


“We chose Waterloo’s devices for this project because we knew the products would achieve the right air quality and acoustics to match the luxurious standards the apartments provide for residents.”


Chelsea Island includes one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments as well as penthouses and a private rooftop garden, with prices starting at £1.7m.


Waterloo Air Products PLC, has launched a new companion website focussed on architects and interior designers to help make ventilation part of the design.



The new website, which stands alongside Waterloo’s technical site, shows visitors how Waterloo’s air terminal devices can be part of the overall design, without compromising on their vision. Working closely with architects and interior designers, Waterloo offers the best designs and products that create the right air flow and look.


“Architects and interior designers want to find the right balance between effective ventilation and design,” says Ron Edmondson, Managing Director at Waterloo. “Waterloo collaborates with them to help them achieve this. We provide guidance and advice on how to work air terminal devices into design, whilst still ensuring their performance meets the requirements of the setting.


“The new design website gives architects, designers and consultants ideas of how we can help them to make a grille or a diffuser, part of the décor so it fits in with the original design. For example, we have diffusers that can replicate a shadow gap.”


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