Let’s Talk Specification – a new multi-media platform from TSP Media

TSP Media has launched Let’s Talk Specification, a major new multi-media platform dedicated to re-establishing the importance of the specification process to our architectural and construction industries.

A long-established publisher in the architectural and building products sector, with industry-leading titles such as Specification Magazine, Housing Specification, Public Sector Building Specification and Specification Product Update, along with online and social media channels, TSP Media is perfectly placed to create this dynamic and interactive industry platform.

The specification process plays a fundamentally important role in the successful completion of any project and Let’s Talk Specification will highlight the significance of the work being done to ensure everything the industry does is fit for purpose.

However, in recent years, specification has become marginalised and at times the process has broken down completely allowing sub-standard materials to be used during construction and meaning the completed development is not fit for purpose and often does not meet basic regulations and standards.

Recent fires in both residential and commercial property have highlighted the most stark consequences of what can happen when the specification process is willingly ignored or broken. It also highlights what can go wrong when lines of communication between all stakeholders – from clients to architects, specifiers to contractors, contractors to end users - stop completely.

Let’s Talk Specification aims to highlight just how important this specification process is, the ways in which it can be strengthened and also measured to ensure it cannot be broken. Equally important is that Let’s Talk Specification will provide a platform for proper dialogue to take place to all those stakeholders involved in a project, giving them the chance to share best practice, pass on important knowledge, highlight challenges and above all find solutions.

A recent survey by The NBS, a key partner with Let’s Talk Specification along with the British Board of Agrement and other organisations and companies, showed how specifications have been hastily written and often too late in the design stage. It also concluded that the industry needs to “understand how people are producing specifications and selecting products, how they do it and what tools or resources they use".

Let’s Talk Specification will address these issues and David Stiles, Managing Director of TSP Media, believes the creation of the platform has come at a vitally important time for the industry as a whole.

“Our industry is set to go through a major upheaval with the specification process in particular coming under increased scrutiny,," he said. "These important changes together with comment and advice on how we deliver a built environment that is fit for purpose will be discussed and debated across this platform.

“Let’s Talk Specification will look at every aspect of the delivery process from design through to product and system specification, including the installation process. Via in depth technical reports, Q&A interviews and thought provoking articles it will share best practice across this huge industry. We want to talk to manufacturers about the research and development that goes into bringing a product to market and the rigorous testing they go through to ensure that architects and designers can specify with confidence.

“With our Group Editor Paul Groves leading content and David Smith in charge of business development, we want to talk with all the relevant stakeholders, to give them a voice, to raise the issues affecting us all, but above all to return to an environment where the importance of the specification process is not only recognised but protected as well.”

Paul Groves explained that specifiers, architects and all those involved in the creation of new building development will have instant access to a wealth of detailed, technical and independent information they require through the Let’s Talk Specification platform.

“Manufacturers, testing bodies and other key stakeholders will have the opportunity to highlight the latest innovations taking the sector forward,” he said. “We will also use our other existing specification-focused magazines, websites and social media channels to provide an unrivalled resource for the industry.

“As well as informed and informative articles and interviews, we will also provide instant access to technical articles and brochures, videos and other material that is designed to improve the design and specification process.”

Established in 1992, TSP Media has developed into a professional and dynamic multi-media publisher of industry-leading print, digital and online platforms.

As well as the specification division, TSP Media publishes highly respected titles in the landscaping and professional groundscare industries.


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