The importance of fitting the right showers in timber frame buildings

Timber frame buildings can be quick and relatively inexpensive to build, which makes them cost-effective. They are also highly versatile, as they can be clad in almost any building material.

Timber frame buildings are ‘greener’ than other building types and produce far lower CO2 emissions than a traditional brick build, for example. If the wood is ethically sourced, with all trees replanted, the environmental credentials are even more impressive.

So, it’s no wonder that today, the vast majority of new-build homes in the UK are built with a timber frame, as we catch up with the 70% of the world's population who already lives in timber frame homes.

However, timber frame buildings require special consideration when it comes to bathrooms and showers. Timber changes naturally over time and can shift and warp causing movement to the building. Bathrooms are often affected.

Traditional shower enclosures and wetrooms with tiles could be more prone to leaking in timber frame buildings, as movement can cause grout to crack meaning the enclosure may no longer be watertight. If water finds its way into a building’s timber frame it can cause rot, which could jeopardise the building’s structural integrity. A traditional shower enclosure or a wetroom in a timber frame building could be a costly accident waiting to happen.

By installing Saniflo Kinedo shower cubicles – which are leak free thanks to the design – property managers can maintain margins and labour rates whist boosting customer satisfaction and minimising call backs. Everyone these days wants a quick fix. Choose the right shower cubicle and you will be able to deliver that without compromising on design or performance.

A growing number of independent house builders and ‘glamping’ accommodation providers across the UK are realising the benefits of shower cubicles and installing Kinedo from the outset, because they do not require any tiles, grouting, or silicone, which means no unhealthy build-up of mould, and no grout discolouration, plus swift, cost-effective and hassle-free installation and maintenance.

For timber frame buildings, Kinedo shower cubicles might actually be essential because, thanks to their opaque internal glass panels which sit over the rim of the tray, they have a certain amount of give allowing them to move with the timber. Whether it’s a replacement shower or bath or a new build shower installation cubicles will remain watertight.

Today’s contemporary shower cubicles not only look good, but they are highly durable and need minimal maintenance. With no grout to discolour or unsightly silicone to maintain, the cubicles remain pristine looking for years.  Choose Kinedo models with Cristal Plus on the glass panels to eliminate the issue of limescale build-up and water marks, making them very easy to keep clean and tidy.


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