The essential Loft Conversion Handbook offers up-to-date comprehensive guidance

The UK’s leading voice for manufacturers and distributors of construction materials has teamed up with RIBA Publishing to produce an up-to-date guidance for loft conversions.

The new Loft Conversion Handbook comes as a highly anticipated update to 2010’s The Loft Conversion Project Guide, which was produced with the objective of helping both the public and building contractors understand Building Regulations.

The new book builds on this and brings together crucial information and solutions offered in the Approved Documents and third tier guidance, such as industry literature, in one concise, fully illustrated guide. It aims to bridge the gap between the professional building sector and DIY loft conversion projects by cutting jargon and offering effective, compliant solutions.

It covers some of the main considerations for loft conversions including fire safety, windows, stairs, doors and insulation, and will be valuable to architects, builders and homeowners looking for knowledge on best practice and compliance with Building Regulations in their conversions.

Duncan King, Technical Manager for the Construction Products Association said: “This comprehensive guidance ticks all the boxes for a successful project by streamlining the whole process for both construction professionals and homeowners alike by overcoming the issues associated with such work.”




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