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CA Group’s roofing and cladding solution a SBD industry first

A Secured By Design member company, the CA Group has recently been awarded LPS 1175 status for specific versions of its renowned Twin-Therm® built-up roof and wall cladding system, which meet robust specifications to achieve SBD status.

SBD as a prime deterrent is commonly concerned with building entry points and fixings, such as doors and locks, however, now thanks to investment in product development by the CA Group Ltd, County Durham, it can also be an option for roofing and cladding solutions.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited company, already boasts a portfolio of highly certified and industry-leading products and continues to develop some of the most technically advanced roofing and facade products on the market. And now, following extensive physical attack testing at BRE, Watford, variations of the Twin-Therm roof and wall systems have successfully gained ‘security rating 2’ certification to meet LPS 1175 issue 7.

Technical Engineering Manager, Mark Wiper, explains: “We recognised the need to offer a high-quality roofing and cladding solution that is quick to construct, has security integrated and does not take up additional floor space.  Our solution does that and provides an additional level of assurance that comes with the LPS 1175 and SBD status.

"Furthermore, as SBD products are generally looked upon more favourably, there’s the increased chance of planning approval. Plus, end-users also benefit from a lessoned security risk and possible reductions in insurance premiums.”

Since the launch of Twin-Therm built-up roof and wall cladding system in 1997 the product has been market-leading in many ways. The system is both non-fragile and entirely walkable for the duration of its guaranteed life when installed and delivers U-values as low as 0.14W/m²K by increasing the depth of construction without the need for additional components.

Buildings featuring the system have measured as low as 0.52m³/hr/m² in air permeability tests, and it comes with a full system guarantee of up to 40 years, Agrément certification and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) accreditation.

In addition to the TwinTherm built-up roofing and cladding system, CA Group also manufacture SolarWall Transpired Solar Collector (TSC), River-Therm secret fix roof system, Caskade premier membrane gutters, and the Prime range of rainscreen solutions, as well as bespoke fabrications, flashings, access hatches and insulated structural gutter systems.


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