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New Room in Roof Insulation Installer Scheme launched

The BBA is delighted to announce the introduction of its new room in roof insulation installer scheme. Ken O’Sullivan, Head of Audit & Inspection comments:

"As many installers will be aware, to achieve approval as a room in roof installer there was previously a need to adhere to two different schemes, one for pitched roof insulation and the other internal wall insulation, and that was the minimum requirement.

"Taking on board feedback provided by our competent installer scheme members, the BBA has taken the initiative and is the first organisation to launch this all-inclusive scheme.

"Although some 50 inspections per month are anticipated, this scheme is not being viewed as an additional revenue stream but as a way to provide added value to our registered installers and an opportunity of cost savings."

For full details of this new scheme please read the Scheme Document or send an e-mail to construction@bbacerts.co.uk.

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