New BBA Certificate sets benchmark for structural thermal break solutions

A prestigious, multi-million pound development on the banks of the River Thames in London makes use of a hi-tech structural thermal break solution which holds what is believed to be a world-leading Agrément certificate.


Riverwalk in Millbank, Westminster, is a striking residential development of 116 apartments and penthouses.



Architects Stanton Williams wrapped balconies around the scheme, creating the need for high performance thermal breaks to limit heat loss from the junctions of balconies with the main building structure.


Schöck Isokorb type KXT was the specified structural thermal break, delivering 120mm of insulation and improving thermal insulation performance by up to 30% in comparison with a standard 80mm range and impact sound insulation by around 50%.


Importantly Isokorb type KXT has British Board of Agrement Certification, achieved following an unprecedented standard of assessment by the BBA. The new certificate incorporates significantly more detailed content on structural stability and performance of the balcony connector.


BBA Project Manager Seyed Tajallifar said: “Collaboration with the BBA has helped Schöck raise industry standards, setting the benchmark for certification of structural thermal breaks in the UK. All future Agrément Certificates of this sort will follow this format."



The BBA, which has certified thousands of building products and systems during its 51 years and is recognised as a critical standard underpinning product performance and acceptance by architects, engineers, developers and constructors, worked closely with Schöck to develop the new level of testing, with certification experts visiting its manufacturing plant in Baden Baden, Germany, and liaising over a four month period.


Chris Willett, Schöck Managing Director, said: “With the BBA we were able to work objectively towards a common goal, that of raising the standard to which structural thermal breaks should be tested and approved in the UK. I firmly believe that, through our collaboration, the BBA provides the world leading Agrément Certificate for thermal breaks.”


The British Board of Agrément was formed in 1966 and offers certification, testing, audit and inspection services to manufacturers of construction products and systems and installer approval. It is also the UK's leading authority on the assessment of insulation products and installation techniques.


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