StoVentec Glass. More than just a pretty façade.

Distinctive, individual, unique…every architect harbours the same ambitions for their project, whatever it may be, particularly for those schemes in the public realm. There are many ways to achieve those ambitions too – but few open up the design possibilities quite as much as StoVentec Glass.

 StoVentec Glass is a rainscreen system designed to both fuel the imagination and offer exceptional practicalities. It offers a huge range of bespoke sizes, shapes, colours and finishes, allowing designers and architects virtually endless aesthetic options. But the real beauty of the system is in its formidable strength. StoVentec Glass easily passes all the current bomb blast tests with an A2 fire rating, making it an ideal choice for inner city, commercial and public infrastructure projects. 

Make a visual impact

It’s fair to say that the StoVentec Glass rainscreen system offers truly limitless and inspiring creative possibilities. 

The system is made up of bespoke panels, each one manufactured individually, and they can be supplied in square, rectangular or trapezoidal shapes. They can incorporate lighting or control panels, and multiple panels can be bonded to the same backing board to create stripes or patterns to suit your design.

As if that wasn’t enough, the panels are available in virtually any colour, including single, multi-colour and metallics, with a gloss, reflective or non-reflective finish – which can then be mixed and matched to create all manner of stunning effects.

And further creative opportunities are available through digital printing onto the panels, allowing patterns, illustrations, photographs or corporate identities to be easily incorporated into your scheme to make it even more individual.

Behind the façade

Every StoVentec Glass installation is designed to the bespoke requirements of each individual project, not just in the colour and design of the glass panels but also the sub-construction that holds them in place.

The system uses a robust, adjustable sub-construction that can be fixed to almost any construction surface; the stainless steel brackets have aluminium horizontal and vertical support profiles, which can be screwed to timber/steel studwork, masonry, concrete, brickwork and blockwork substrates.

Mineral fibre insulation is then installed to the required thickness, before the glass panels – comprising toughened glass, adhesively bonded to lightweight carrier board with an integral carrier profile – are fitted. These composite panels protect the building’s substructure from the elements, to form a breathable, thermally-efficient façade.

Life-saving looks

While StoVentec Glass offers endless aesthetic possibilities, its real beauty is in its incredible strength.

StoVentec Glass has been BBA tested and approved for all standard applications. StoVentec Glass has also received rigorous testing under extreme conditions, and has proven itself to be the safest, most robust system available on the market today.

It’s been rigorously tested under extreme conditions, and passed every one with outstanding results, including the soft body double tyre test, the hard body test and the soft body test. It also meets or exceeds NHBC standards and Building Regulations, including fire spread, and has a minimum certified life expectancy of 30 years.

Most impressively though, the StoVentec Glass system has passed the very latest and most stringent bomb blast tests.  In accordance with ISO 16933 ‘Glass in Building – Explosion resistant security glazing’, the results were outstanding and non-comparative.

The system for wherever safety is paramount

With such proven exceptional strength, StoVentec Glass is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications.

Naturally it’s a perfect choice for any high traffic areas, having the ability to withstand high impacts – and should a panel be damaged, the composite construction means the shattered fragments remain bonded to the backing board, mitigating the risk from flying glass.

But it’s the exceptional blast resistance that is helping the StoVentec Glass system become the first choice for any high profile project in the public realm.

In an ever-more turbulent world, keeping people safe – whether it’s from premeditated terrorist attack or accidental catastrophe – has to be the first consideration for many such projects. From railway stations and airports to entertainmentvenues and sports arenas, the StoVentec Glass system can be used internally or externally to offer proven levels of protection to the general public.

The perfect combination?

With its inherent strength and limitless design options, StoVentec Glass is a unique rainscreen cladding system from a global leader in building products. As such it has full technical support available from initial vision to final handover. But perhaps its greatest appeal to architects is in enabling them to build in absolute safety, without having to compromise on their creative design. Which may well make StoVentec Glass a near-perfect solution.

To find out more about Sto's Ventec Glass rainscreen system click here.

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